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[What should we pay attention to when using carbide drill?]
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As an excellent alloy material, cemented carbide occupies a very important position in the field of industrial manufacturing, known as "industrial teeth". Whether it is the production of cutting tool materials such as drill, turning tool, boring tool, or the processing of stainless steel, high manganese steel, heat-resistant steel and other materials, carbide is inseparable. How to use carbide in practice? Now, let's understand the types and choices of carbide drill bits.

There are three main types of carbide bits: solid carbide bits, carbide indexable blade bits and replaceable tool head type carbide bits. Among them, the whole cemented carbide has a wide variety of centering functions, can be reused, and can control processing costs. The carbide indexable blade drill has a complete variety, convenient tool change, and no centering function. Replaceable tool head type carbide drill bit also has a centering function, a complete range, processing accuracy and efficiency are relatively high, the tool head can also be reground.

Although tungsten carbide has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high hardness, the workpiece torque is large when the tungsten carbide drill bit is drilling, and the phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction is easy to cause the drill bit to break in the hole. In order to avoid this situation, what should we pay attention to when using carbide drill bits?

1. Reduce the width of the transverse edge to avoid the loss of the axial force on the bit when the strength of the bit is still acceptable.

2, for different materials, should choose different drill and cutting speed.

3. Grinding materials with severe surface hardening, try to avoid tool friction on the grinding surface and drill bit wear.

4. When cutting the workpiece material, pay attention to the use of cutting fluid, use it in time, and maintain lubrication.

5, the use of special high-performance alloy blade, can reduce the knife collapse, maintain good wear resistance.