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[What are the advantages of using carbide drill bits?]
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What are the advantages of using cemented carbide drill?

The use of cemented carbide drills can improve the tool life and cutting speed, for processing brittle hard materials, such as cast iron, insulation materials, glass, etc., can significantly improve cutting efficiency. Especially for difficult to process materials, such as high manganese steel, carbide drill bits must be selected to process. However, when drilling general steel, due to the vibration and instability in the drilling process, the application of cemented carbide is quite limited, and the work in this area needs to be further studied and explored.

At present, the cemented carbide drill is mainly made of insert blade shape, that is, the flat carbide blade is welded on the slotted cutter body. The most common percussion drill bit in life is this structure. The blade is commonly used YG8, the knife body is 9SiCr, and the hardness after handling is 50-56HRC. Figure 12-14 shows a carbide taper shank twist drill.

Compared with tool steel twist drill, the main structural characteristics of cemented carbide drill are:

1) The core of the tool body is thicker, d=(0.25-0.3) D; The guide section is short to improve the stiffness and strength of the bit, reduce vibration during drilling, and prevent blade cracking.

2) The chute is widened so that the chute discharge volume will not be reduced after the core is increased.

3) The amount of inverted cone increases. The length of the blade is 0.01-1.08mm to reduce the friction between the edge and the hole when drilling at high speed.

4) Generally made of double helix Angle. The front Angle of the carbide blade part should be small, and the spiral Angle w=6-38; In order to improve the chip removal conditions, w-1520 is taken as the guide part.

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