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[What to do with unwanted knives?]
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To deal with unwanted knives, consider the following steps: 1. Safe storage: Keep unwanted knives in a safe place and ensure that they are not misused or lost. 2. Donate to charity: If you don't want to keep the knives, you can donate them to a charity or other organization in need. This can help improve social welfare and resource efficiency. 3. Recycling: If your knives are made of recyclable materials, you can consider taking them to your local recycling station or related agencies for disposal. This can reduce the pollution to the environment. 4. Discard: If you no longer need these knives, you can choose to discard them. However, please be careful not to throw away these items at will, so as not to cause environmental pollution or endanger the health of others. In short, for unwanted tools, appropriate measures should be taken to properly dispose of them. No matter which method you choose, you should comply with environmental protection and safety principles to ensure that there is no adverse impact on the environment and society.