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[What are the characteristics and uses of carbide drill bits?]
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What is carbide drill bit?

Carbide drill bits are generally considered to be a type of drill bit for core drilling. In short, when performing the work of core drilling, the carbide drill bits on the impact load generated by the bit weight process and its own rotation to break the rock. In the whole process of rock drilling, the drill will often be subjected to high frequency of impact loads, and by torsion, bending, stretching, compression and other compound stresses, in the high-speed rotary collision environment, rock powder and mineral water and other working media wear and corrosion.

Carbide drill bit features and uses: 1, can be suitable for more complex material drilling, you can choose a higher cutting speed. 2, select the alloy drill special high-performance alloy blade, effectively reduce the knife collapse, maintain good wear resistance. 3, multi-layer geometric cutting edge, improve discharge performance, maintain small cutting resistance. 4, in addition to the commonly used right Angle handle, with a variety of handle types, suitable for a variety of drilling machines, drilling machines.

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