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[How to adjust the center cutting position of the milling cutter machine!]
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When using the test parts to test or cut marks, and adjust the position of the milling cutter method, the way to improve the symmetry is mainly to improve the measurement accuracy when the key side flipping method is tested. In addition to accurately rotating the perspective of the workpiece and improving the accuracy of the measurement position of the workpiece, when using the indicator table measurement key side, considering the impact of the roughness and plane of the machine table work table, the accuracy of the side of the side of the plane degree and the plane degree can be placed on the work table. One precision can be placed on the work table The higher parallel pad will move the meter to the measuring measurement on the plane of the pad to improve the measurement accuracy in the adjustment process. When adjusting the intercourse in a small amount of symmetry error, in order to improve the micro -volume of the workbench, the indicator table can be controlled.

When adjusting the milling position of the knife device, first make the milling machine tool roughly faces the side of the knife block. After the test part is tried and cut, the side of the measuring key side is equal to the width of the knife block. The difference is the central deviation value; when the bond width is slightly smaller than the width of the knife, the size of the trace adjustment should also be considered the impact of the bond width size. The side of the milling key is measured with the side of the blade block. If the measurement value is the same, or the sides of the cutting of the knife block at the same time are compared to the sides of the blade block, the position of the milling cutter has been adjusted. When adjusting the micro -adjustment, pay attention to the movement direction of the machine tool table.